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What I Would Like To See at 2016 Reunion
Hello Family,

Please add ideas for the 2016 Family Reunion.
Last Post: Nov 19th 2015
Author: Ghawkins
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Family Photo Album
I just reviewed the family photo album of the 2011 BGW Reunion and it was wonderful seeing many familiar faces. Everyone looks great and look forward to seeing all of you and more in Atlanta in...
Last Post: Aug 21st 2013
Author: cousinwilla
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Family Tree
The new BGW Family Tree is an outstanding addition to our Website. Thanks to Celia Jackson for developing and maintaining the tree. Thanks to Henry (Hank) Williams for securing the software and the...
Last Post: Jan 15th 2012
Author: cmwteach
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Addition to program if time permit
BGW GOT SKILLS- A time for any family member to display their special talent - sing a song,dance to their favorite song, rap, play an instrument,recite a poem,share a word of wisdom with family, etc.
Last Post: Aug 29th 2011
Author: sing
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