The 2020 BGW Reunion will be held in New Orleans.  We will celebrate 50 years of "The Family that Prays Together will Stay Together."

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, February 1, 2020, at the home of Jack Williams. The meeting will begin at 7 PM. If you are planning to call in to the meeting, please call at 7:30, using the the following numbers:

Phone # 1-605-313-4441

Pin # 410357

I am looking forward to seeing or hearing from you all, as we make plans to go to New Orleans.


If you have already registered for our site please proceed to the page of your choice, if not then please fill out this form so that you will be registered on our family site and have access to the content on the entire site.



Rose Samuels
6028 Margaretta ave.
St. Louis, Mo. 63120
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Alicia Williams (Gardner)
sagardner86@gmail.com Insurance Married 2 YES!!!!
God is good... a family that prays together, stays together. What a great family reunion planning call this am.

I'm grateful to be a part of this family and look forward to the great thing to come! Corinthians 13:4-5 
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Monique Holloway (Williams)
Moniquewilliamsiv@gmail.com Married 2
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Benita Samuels (Weaver)
bweaver122968@gmail.com Married 4 yes
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Patricia Jones
Profile picture
Profile picture
triciamoan@ymail.com Retired Single 3 No
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Brittney Williams
britt212000@yahoo.com Correctional officer Single 1
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Anthony Williams
countrywilliams92@gmail.com Coca Cola Consolidated Single 1 No
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George Blair
blairg_gblair@yahoo.com Chief / Crittenden County Sheriff crittcoso.com Married 5
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Lavonda Hicks
Lavonda_hicks@yahoo.com Casino dealer Married 3
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lhicks2@sbcglobal.net retired Married 5 no
i didn't know about  this until about a year ago. my great grandmother name was lillian williams Send LEROY a MessageSend LEROY a Message
Douglas Williams
Profile picture
Profile picture
douglaswilliams43@yahoo.com Carpenter Married 5 No
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