July 19, 2019
1 Year, 3 months and 10 days since
our celebration.

"A family that prays together stays together"

Family and friends,
Please take time to register you and your family with our site.  Just select the "Register" button on the left of the Welcome page.  This will allow us to build a data base of family/friends and allow you to recieve information about family meetings/events.  All information about you will be secured and confidential.

Thank You


Newly Updated !!

Please visit our newly updated interactive BGW Family Tree.  If you see that your branch or another family branch of the tree is incomplete or inaccurate, please give your feedback to our family historian Celia Jackson.

Check out updated Events and Family Photo Album page.



The 2019 BGW Family Reunion in New Orleans has been cancelled due to weather concerns.   


Our 46th Annual BGW Family Reunion will be held in Chicago IL. and  will be hosted by G'Ahynne Hawkins.  Please support our Chicago Fam in pulling off another successful Reunion.  More information to come.



Our historic 45th Annual 2015 BGW Family Reunion was held in St. Louis and hosted by our young adults. The BGW Family appreciates the hard work and planning it took to pull off a very successful reunion event.

Did you like the 2018 BGW Family Reunion format?

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