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Rose Samuels
6028 Margaretta ave.
St. Louis, Mo. 63120
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Melissa Barnes
Profile picture
Profile picture
Female lissa.barnes@gmail.com Student/Entrepreneur/Project Management concreterecords.net Single Yes 2007 in St. Louis
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Hope Singleton
Female blue.jay3@yahoo.com Postal worker Single 3
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Monica Jackson
Profile picture
Female monniegurls@hotmail.com student Single 7
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Jada Dillard
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Female dillardjada@yahoo.com Single 1
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Jarmarlio James
Profile picture
Profile picture
Male jarmarlio_james@yahoo.com Pharmacy Technician Committed Relationship 3
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Delores Delores Singleton (Gillespie)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Female tooedukate@yahoo.com Teacher Single 4 yes
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Heather Heather Gillespie (Williams)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Female mzbiglegz79@yahoo.com Owner of Cupcake Moments Married 3 yes
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Benita Samuels (Weaver)
Female bweaver@rgsd.k12.mo.us Married 2 Yes
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Rose Marie White (Griffin)
Female kimberly.hawkins@ymail.com Teacher Married 3 Yes
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Kimberly Griffin (Hawkins)
Female kimberly.hawkins@ymail.com Teacher Divorced 2 Yes

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Hotlanta!!

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